Right to write

I believe in your right to write and I know how hard it is to start and keep going.

For me, it's about connecting to where the writing comes from, finding a way to let it flow and keep the words coming. So, I offer writing coaching for anyone who feels that they've got it in them to write but doesn't know where to begin. Whatever kind of writing you want to do - from blogging to poetry - I'll help you find a way that works for you.

I also offer one-to-one yoga for writing coaching.

Here's what a couple of people I'm coaching say about me:


"We set up a schedule of calls, deadlines, and goals, and David offered me both support and accountability. His criticism was both trenchant and gentle. He offered praise and encouragement, but made it clear that the only reader who mattered was me. He gave me the unvarnished truth when my stuff was crap. He shared his own struggles in the work, and in life, and we helped each other to make sense of things."
Dave Klaus
"David has been helping me write my first book. Writing can be a solitary, soul-destroying journey at times. Sometimes all you need is a comforting few words from someone who tells you that everything is going to be okay. David is not that person. He is the person who will tell you in no uncertain terms the way things are, and what you need to do to move forwards."
Simon Cohen