About The Healthy Office Revolution

Already being called 'The Circle meets Freakonomics', Elizabeth's story, combined with the hard facts that give The Healthy Office Revolution its credibility, make this book both a guilty pleasure and highly educational.

The Healthy Office Revolution is born out of the belief that an office has the potential to be a space in which we grow, work better and stay healthy. It is a manifesto and a guide. But it is also one woman's story of how an encounter with the best and the worst the office can offer drove her to understand both how offices work and how they can be transformed.


A to Z

I’ve written 17 books on anything from freshwater fishing to how to make the perfect martini. From how a hovercraft works to making a Zen garden. From mastering meditation to Formula One racing. I’ve also scripted a series of comics about a gang of mystery-solving skateboarding kids.

I’ve been able to write books on such eclectic subjects because I know how to research, plan, structure and get on with it. If I write a book for you, you can expect it to be delivered on time, on budget, with no fuss. And when I work with you I will live and breathe the subject.