Retreating online to write and practice yoga

If writing is the one thing you feel you were put on this planet to do but you don't know where to start, I'd suggest yoga. And, if you don't mind, I'd like to recommend my online Introduction to Yoga for Writers course as a good place to start.

Apart from all its other benefits, yoga taught me to approach writing as a practice. We never fully master yoga but that's not the point. Yoga offers a way to live, one day at a time. Writing is the same. All of us who write seriously would like fame and fortune. But writing's true purpose is to help us decipher the letter we all carry inside and, if the gods of writing smile upon us, share what's written there with others.

The problem is that we often don't know where to start with either yoga or writing.

It takes cojones to walk into a yoga studio as an absolute beginner. Believe me, I know. I started yoga at the age of 47 after way too many years of treating my body like a bar rather than a temple. You couldn't have been more unprepared to take up yoga than I was.

If you're trying to find your own way into writing the problem is that it's so easy to become baffled and overwhelmed by the amount of advice on offer that you give up. 

When you sign up for my Introduction to Yoga for Writers course, you're not just offered a way to begin or continue your journey into yoga and writing. You're also invited into a welcoming, safe space filled with people who are probably rather a lot like you. 

My Introduction to Yoga for Writers course is offered by the Professional Writing Academy, the teaching institution that's helping to liberate the potential of online learning. They've learned that people benefit most when they're in small groups taught by real people who understand what they're hoping to achieve.

You have a place to retreat online for four weeks in which you can retreat, practice and grow without disrupting your life. One which, and I trust you'll forgive me the blatant sales pitch, costs a fraction of a month-long yoga or writing retreat.

I'd love it if you took the time to find out a little more.