Learning writing and yoga online: small steps and giant leaps

My Introduction to Yoga for Writers course kicks off tomorrow. Big namaste to the online Professional Writing Academy (PWA) for making it happen. It's another step on my journey to enlighten as many people as possible to the benefits of yoga for writing. But it was also a giant leap into the world of online learning for me.

I now understand that the PWA's approach is perfect for yoga and writing. It offers a nurturing environment, a carefully designed structure to work within, guidance from a living, breathing, committed tutor (moi) and the opportunity to learn and develop in small, intimate groups.

Today, small is beautiful if not necessary. Online courses like mine offered by visionaries such as the PWA, aligned with the principles of closed mastermind groups or Seth Godin's remarkable altMBA, that are intimate and carefully structured seem to me to be the only real alternative to offline learning.

And there's the humungous added advantage that anyone, anywhere in the world, who wants to go deeper into writing and yoga can do so in their own time(zone). I'm currently in Hungary, the PWA is in the UK and people will be doing my course in countries that include the USA, UK, France and Spain.

We should never get blasé about the Internet and always remember it's ours. The Googles of this world are our servants not our masters.

So many of us struggle to find a way to fit practices like writing or yoga into lives we're led to believe are busier than ever before. Designing the course with the experts at the PWA has reminded me that the Internet really can be hugely beneficial.

Online learning, as developed by the PWA, creates a space for us to retreat into that has the power to transform our real, offline lives. I'm on a mission to share what I've learned about yoga and writing so I'm truly grateful.

It's not too late

If you want to sign up for my Introduction to Yoga for Writers course, you still can. And the kind folks at the PWA have reduced the cost so it's even more affordable.

Find out more here.