New festival connects Mallorca’s cosmopolitan creative conscious community

If you’re in Mallorca between Friday 27 and Sunday 29 May and keen to meet like minds, there really is only one place to be. The KreaKolektiva Music and Arts Festival at Campos is the latest, largest and most exciting flowering of the movement bringing Mallorca’s cosmopolitan creative and conscious community together.

As Matthew Clark, one of the driving forces behind the KreaKolektiva event explains, ‘We’re putting all our energy into creating something that will be enormous fun and another big step towards connecting all of us on the island who are determined to live conscious, creative lives.’

Reflecting changing Mallorca

Born out of a desire to link and inspire the pockets of conscious creativity scattered all over the island, the Festival builds on the wonderful work done by the KreaKolektiva.  This began life as a series of ‘12 x 5’ events at the splendidly named Tower of Love in Palma’s everyday magical Old Town.

Twelve creative activists, of which I was proud to be one, had five minutes to share their stories. I have to admit that I was humbled by the dedication to their creative work displayed by my fellow 12 x 5ers.

Since then, the KreaKolektiva has blossomed into organising events like the ‘8 x 8’ talks where eight practical philosophers give presentations on subjects including the body, vitality, archetypes, ethics, diet, and alchemy. Alongside this are concerts, jam sessions, the Tower of Love Social Club and other spontaneous happenings.

It’s inspiring, not to mention hugely enjoyable, to be part of these events. But what makes them much more than simply a self-congratulatory night out is the KreaKolektiva’s commitment to creative activism.

Creative activism

About creative activism, the KreaKolektiva says ‘If we want to live in a world filled with art, music, joy and compassion we have a responsibility to create it. Conscious, healthy, ecological living filled with active creativity will enable our children to also live this way. You can help us make the world in which we all want to live a reality.’

Transforming words into action, the KreaKolektiva actively supports and promotes causes that include Dignity 360, a project to help the refugees in Greek camps; the Seabin Project, working for a clean ocean, and the movie Down to Earth.

Without making too much of a song and dance about it, the members of the KreaKolektiva have given focus and momentum to the movement for positive change in Mallorca. This is no longer fantasy island but a place where creativity in all its many forms is harnessed to real change, beginning with our immediate environment.

The Festival

Over three days, twenty-two bands and a handful of DJs will offer up everything from mellow folk to infectious funk. There will be theatre, performance and dance sessions, food trucks, artists doing their thing and all kinds of opportunities for celebrating creativity, connection and conscious living. Best of all, the Festival will offer the perfect opportunity for you to meet people who feel like you do.

As Matthew says, ‘Show up, have a fantastic time and make new friends and you’ll be part of the movement for creative activism in Mallorca. You will have joined the tribe.’

Giving myself the last word, I'd add this: Taking part in the Festival isn't just about having an amazing time. Supporting the KreaKolektiva will also help make sure the Festival becomes an island tradition. What more do you need to know?

Buy your ticket now

Buy tickets and find out more about the delights on offer at the Festival here. The Festival site is an easy drive from anywhere on the island and there's a map on the website.