Using drishti to focus on writing

Writing takes commitment. Some days we may be inspired, others not. But we know we have to keep going. And we do this because we have a vision for our writing that is purely ours. Whenever mine begins to drift a little out of focus, I practice drishti.

What is drishti?

Drishti means view or gaze. It's the point we fix on when we meditate or hold a yoga pose. If we gaze at a single point our minds are less likely to wander. We become calm and focused.

You can practice drishti gazing at a point outside yourself or inwardly by focusing on your breath or third eye. 

In yoga there are eight different drishtis that relate to specific poses. For me, drishti is most useful when I'm in a balancing pose like Tree. I focus on a point on the wall or floor for instance, and it keeps me physically balanced. Even better, drishti helps me tune into whatever is underneath my thinking. If I do give in to thoughts of distraction, my gaze is affected and I wobble. 

Physical balance follows mental balance follows inner calm and resolution.

Applying drishti to writing

In bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, drishti becomes the gaze a devotee focuses on their idea of the divine.  Ultimately, this becomes surrender to the divine as your inner self.

When your deepest sense of your inner self is as a writer, using drishti is an excellent way to stay balanced and focus on the writing that fulfils you in the present. It also helps you see through whatever challenges you face on the page to your ultimate goal for your writing project. And it reminds you to relax and remember that you'll always write.

If you're like me, you may well be considering how to stay true to your inner vision of yourself as a writer in 2017. Or, if you've yet to find yourself as a writer, you're looking for a way to get there. 

Join me and practice DRISHTI for writing

Starting 16 January 2017, I'll be sharing my knowledge of how yoga benefits writers in probably the world's first online yoga for writers course, developed with the Professional Writing Academy.  I'd love it if you joined me.

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