Time to find your way into writing through yoga

Now that we're counting to the end of 2016, many of us who write - or want to - are hoping that 2017 will be the year we really get serious about our writing. Personally, I want to take my writing to a whole other level in 2017. I have no idea yet what this will be but I do know how I'll get there. By practicing yoga before I write.

Unless we're extremely fortunate, all writers struggle at the beginning of every writing session. No matter how much planning we do in advance, we're also often daunted by the size of our ambition. Especially if we're looking to writing to help change our lives. Many of us are so overwhelmed we just give up.

But then we live with a private wormy little feeling of failure. I write partly because I can't bear the feeling that creeps up on me when I don't write.

Practicing yoga prepares me to write

My yoga practice helps because it enables me to take the baby steps in my writing that, with luck, will lead me to take a giant leap and soar. Very flowery, I know, but you get the picture.

Before I practice yoga I set my intention for the writing session to follow. I've learned to make this something I have faith that I can achieve, even if it takes me a out of my comfort zone. I keep my writing intention in mind throughout my practice, which is usually not much longer than 20 minutes. By the time I've finished my yoga, I'm itching to write.

Yoga makes me feel relaxed but prepared. Concentrating my mind on a single writing task means I'm not paralysed and waiting for almighty divine inspiration to strike. My head isn't spinning because of the enormity of my ambition. I'm confident I can achieve my writing goal for that day. The only day that matters.

Because tomorrow is another day, another yoga practice, another writing session, another moment of blissful inner peace when I sit back from my keyboard and give thanks. 

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