Turning turmoil into words using yoga as a channel

Yesterday I got some bad news. You don't need to know what it was but it has nothing to do with my own physical, emotional or mental health. I am, however, a little bit in shock. So, when I was woken up at 3 AM this morning by a torrent of words running through my brain, I knew why.

At times like these, the song lyrics, poems and story ideas rising up from my deepest self are a sign that my unconscious, if you want to call it that, is disturbed. Sometimes what comes through makes immediate sense, often it doesn't. Understanding may come later if it's meant to.  

The question is: what do I do with the words I'm being given? For me, and perhaps you, yoga helps me find the answer

When I practice yoga after a night like last night and before I start writing, I'm far more able to make sense of the messages I receive. I can use my own judgement to decide if I use what came across the border between non-sense and sense. I have the concentration and patience to move step by step, even if this is sometimes backwards or sideways.

Yoga helps me not to forget.

Opening the letter inside

The poet Rilke wrote something like 'We are all born with a letter inside us and only if we are true to ourselves will we be allowed to read it before we die.'

I believe the stories, poems and lyrics that cross the border into our conscious minds come from the letter inside us. Even if they don't appear to make sense, they're telling us something. Which is why we have to write them down. 

But if we want to become writers and not just people who write, we need to find a way to channel the messages we're receiving and turn them into something we, and other people perhaps, can use. This takes discipline and hard work. So why should we bother?

Because being able to write, at any level, is literally a blessing. And we don't honour this, we'll regret it. Which all sounds wonderfully romantic but where do we start? Yoga is my channel. If you're serious about writing, or just curious, it could become yours.